How NOT To Approach Girls: A guide to avoid dating mistakes for men.

Radhika Iyengar

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Whenever you go out in public, there are certain rules, do’s and don'ts you need to follow.

These rules are in the form of where to park your vehicle, to not spit in public, and more across the world.

Similarly, there are certain rules you MUST follow to ace the dating game.

While it comes as a shocker, these rules decide whether you win or lose the game of dating.

We’re here to guide you so you don’t end up making the same mistakes as other men.

“Gaaaaah, he’s annoying”, “Can you please stop?”, “Are you kidding me?”

These are just some of the ways girls communicate how ugly the conversation is taking place, but sadly guys don’t understand those small cues and end up ruining their chances together.

So, below are dating tips for men on how NOT to approach girls and avoid dating mistakes.

1. Get a grip of yourself - STOP fumbling around

Imagine you’re at a restaurant and you find a beautiful girl coming towards you, she assumes you’re confident, handsome, and fiercely you.

Only to realize you fumble while you talk, sweat profusely, and can’t get a hold of yourself.

You think she’d be interested? She’s going to take a turn and move in another direction.

This comes from the fear of rejection, rather constant rejection from women.

We understand you don’t want to face disappointment, but it’s high time you take matters in your own hands.

At the same time, feeling anxious is normal. While we can’t control anxiety, we can control the outcome. So, what can you do?

The ONLY way you can improve your communication skills is by practice.

Create five scenarios where you have to talk to the opposite gender and create a conversation around it.

Focus on body movements and posture. It’s fine if you aren’t good at public speaking.

Now is the time you should start taking the initiative yourself and start talking.

With time you’ll get better at public speaking as this basic life skill can be applied at home, work, publicly, everywhere.

2.Pride will bring you down, keep yourself humbled

When you’re involved in a conversation, pride becomes a heavy rock which makes your life harder.

When you’re full of pride, it makes you stubborn and less open to new ideas.

Humility in this situation will help you understand yourself and other women better.

When a woman finds herself with a man who tries to understand them, she’s instantly attracted to him.

Make sure the next time you talk to a woman, be open to new concepts and actually listen.

Leave your pride and judgment at the door when you talk.

3.Making sex a part of the conversation

Women in general hate it when men casually mention sex in a conversation.

They try to make it a joke and throw it off as something super casual, but it isn’t. A lot of men also treat women the same way they talk to their friends.

Don’t make this mistake, don’t make sex a part of your conversation.

While sex isn’t the only thing women find uncomfortable, talk about different topics and notice how she reacts

Your goal isn’t convincing her to date you, it is to have a comfortable conversation and see if you both like each other.

4. Give her a break!

Recently, a girl talked about a guy she was talking to regularly. She mentioned how he talks to her and asks about her daily life.

While that may not sound fishy at first, she did mention how he asked for picture updates and when she didn’t send them, he would accuse her of seeing other people.

The situation is so ridiculous that women let this happen on a daily basis.

So as a man you should encourage giving and taking personal space.

This personal time should be spent on self reflection and whether you want to continue talking to them or not.

5.Asking her out when she rejected you

Imagine you’re in a situation where you don’t like a girl, but she keeps bugging you with text messages, video call requests, instagram mentions, and more.

She isn’t even hanging out with you, but constantly bugs you with her presence.

Wouldn’t you find it annoying?

Now, imagine the roles reversed. You constantly bug someone with text messages of how you want to hang out with them or go on a date.

This behavior is cringeworthy and should be stopped instantly. Give her time to think about you instead of constantly forcing her to hangout with you.


While mistakes are common when it comes to dating women in 2023, the key here is to learn from your mistakes and not make them again.

Stop fumbling by practice, give her space, don’t ask her out all the time, and more.

By practicing these simple tips you can make the girl comfortable in your presence and you guys might actually build something meaningful.

Do you want to know secrets when it comes to dating? Tune in to our upcoming blog posts for more!

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