How to act right after you get right-swiped?!

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"Congratulations, it’s a match!” - isn’t reading this the best feeling while browsing dating apps for the right match?

You doom scroll these apps day in and day out trying to find that one person you desperately want to connect with.

The minute you hear a ka-ching sound on your dating app, your eyes lit up with hope and excitement.

If you’re the person above, we hear you!

We know you want to text them constantly, probably get on a call by now, and meet them, but hold on..

As exciting as all of it sounds, it’s quite possible that you might end up ruining it.

You see, dating apps are complicated, and you need to behave in a certain way to score and sustain a match.

Let's make it easier for you to navigate the world of dating apps and help you act right and potentially build a lasting relationship.

1. Get the basics right!

Before we go ahead, let’s clear the basics. You are being judged. Online dating comes with its fair share of judgement and scrutiny.

Hiiiiiiiiiii dear, how r u???”
“Happi to meet u”

These texts are cringe and full of grammatical errors. Remember, the only way for the girl to communicate with you is via a text, so make it count.

Taking time out to use correct grammar and words shows you’re not shy to express your feelings and you put effort into what matters.

Avoid this silly mistake by proofreading before you hit the text.

2. Balance is the key!

Time and time we’ve told guys to strike the right balance between talking and having a life.

We say it again, when you talk to a girl online, make sure you don’t spend all your time texting them.

Avoid bombarding them with questions or constantly talking about things.

Remember to keep it balanced and she will want to continue the conversation with you.

3. Avoid oversharing

While it's essential to be open and authentic, avoid oversharing personal information too early in the conversation.

Keep in mind that trust is built over time, and it's best to gradually reveal more about yourself as you get to know each other better.

Sharing too much too soon can be overwhelming and may make the other person uncomfortable.

4. Suggest a date!

If you feel a connection between you and your match brewing, this is the right time to suggest a date.

Afterall, how long will you stick to the text exchange? The key is to be confident and considerate in your approach.

You could say something like “I think our conversations have been engaging so far, would you like to take it forward and be interested in meeting for coffee some time?”

This is a considerate and a sweet way you can ask the girl to meet you for coffee.

Remember not to push them to meet you if they’re not ready. Continue to talk to them even if they reject your coffee proposal, talk about shared interests, and ask her again after a while.

5. You have your own life, right?

This might be a shocker, but when you express you have a life beyond dating and the online world, there is a certain charming aura about you.

Women suddenly find you attractive and it turns them on instantly. If your response to a “what’s up” text is “I’m free right now and all day for you”, please STOP.

If a girl knows she can talk to you at any moment, you have totally blown it!

Accept the fact she will start losing interest in you and you need to be a little resistant with her.

Let her know that you have a real life and you have hobbies of your own.

Just like a woman you have to be mysterious early on in the dating stage.

Final Thoughts

While matching with a girl on a dating app is one part, how you behave later is what makes or breaks your game.

We understand the world of dating is difficult and ever changing. That’s why you need help to navigate through with ease.

Our blog on how to act right after you get right-swiped is a beginner friendly guide to understand the world of dating.

Navigate the world of dating with our tips and you’re sure to score your first offline date!

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