Five Harsh Truths About Dating Women in 2023

Radhika Iyengar

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Texting back faster means you are desperate, texting back late means you’re not interested.

If you are toxic, you are a bad person, if you aren’t, you’re not worthy. If you treat a girl with respect, you’re a simp, if not you’re disrespectful.

Welcome to the world of modern dating where everything is not what it seems.

Have you come across people who are never successful in dating? Dating has become harder than ever with problems like anxiety, confusion, and depression are prevalent.

In a scenario like this, how do you date a woman who understands you and builds a relationship with you?

While we know how confusing it is for men, we want them to understand a few harsh truths related to dating.

So, keep reading, as you might come across a few truths and challenges that you might come across in dating.

Let’s go!

1. She values communication

In 2023, women no longer want to feel puzzled in a relationship. Women value open and honest communication now more than ever.

With a lot of social media communication and less in-person meetings, women demand clarity and transparency in relationships, so being upfront about your intentions and clearly communicating your expectations is crucial.

So, if you feel doubtful about doing something without her understanding, it is best to communicate it with her.

2. She wants freedom to take decisions in a relationship

Unlike women from other eras, modern women want freedom to make decisions.

They do not entertain men who are overly dominating and don’t consider their opinion on certain matters.

As gender roles continue to evolve, women seek equality in their relationships.

Shared responsibilities, independent decision taking, and support towards each other’s goals are fundamental now.

3. She respects her time equally

As much as you disagree, modern women don’t want to spend the entirety of their lives caged up, only cooking and taking care of the kids.

They want a relationship wherein self exploration is respected equally.

When a woman asks for alone time, they don’t necessarily want to get away from you, they want to take time out for themselves to gain clarity in life.

If your partner asks for some alone time, don’t force them to do activities with you, instead talk to them and give them their own time.

This way, she will come back to you with more positive energy and respect you even more.

4.Emotional Intelligence drives her crazy

Another truth you might not agree with is, women in 2023 appreciate partners who are emotionally intelligent.

Gone are the days where women want a strict manly man who doesn’t express nor lets you express your feelings.

Understanding and empathizing with their feelings is vital. It isn’t about what you say but how you say it as well.

The way you comprehend their thoughts and feelings, how you respond to them is how you can drive her crazy about you.

5. Quality over Quantity

In a world filled with distractions, women value quality time over quantity.

Meaningful, focused interactions matter more than just spending time together.

Quality communication and shared experiences strengthen the bond.

Gone are the days when you start a fight and leave it up to the woman to console herself without ever having a conversation.

So, if you ever find yourself fussing over petty fights, take time out of your busy schedule to give time to your partner.

With focused and intentional interaction with your partner, you can build a strong foundation and set an example for your relationship. Give her time to think about you instead of constantly forcing her to hangout with you.


While modern dating sounds like a nightmare for someone who doesn’t understand gender dynamics.

Dating a modern woman isn’t as difficult as you might think, with the right level of understanding, communication, equality, and more, you can go ahead and start your journey of dating in 2023.

We have a plethora of expert-advices for you and can’t wait to share them with you soon.

These dating tips for men are trustworthy and our goal is to always create a strong foundation for our readers through meaningful blog posts.

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