How Do You End A Relationship Without Breaking Her Heart?

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Coming into a relationship might be easy, but coming out of one can be challenging, as breaking up with someone is a painful process and might leave them sad for a long time.

Saying that the other person will not be hurt is a false statement. You two came into a relationship because you both had a liking for each other at one point in time and that liking attracted you to come closer. So, two people who cared for each other are sure to feel pain when they break apart.

While it is natural to worry about hurting her feelings, there are ways in which a breakup can be carried out in a less hurtful way. So, let’s look at some of the kindest ways to end a relationship:

1. Don’t Feel Guilty

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The first thing to do is to get rid of the guilt, that might have come with the thought, that you are going to do such a thing to her and make her feel sad. Do not think of yourself as a horrible person for initiating the end of a relationship.

Think of this as You are doing what needs to be done. You are taking this step because you want yourself as well as her to be happy in the future, and by not taking this step you might cause even more damage to the relationship.

2. Timing is Everything

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If you are about to leave someone, you must pay attention to the time and place when this needs to be done.

Do not plan to talk about this topic if any occasion is close by, for example: If her birthday is approaching, or if there is a function/event at her place. No one likes listening to bad news in such happy times, so it might not end smoothly. Instead, wait for some time.

When you find a suitable time and place, make sure you two have your privacy and enough time to discuss this thing without getting interrupted. Avoid public places so she does not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable expressing her emotions.

Remember, never break up over a phone call or a text message, meet her in person.

3. Have A Healthy Discussion

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When you initiate the conversation, remember that the whole idea is to do it gently and keep the damage to a minimum. Do not get into the negative memories, as those will be an argument rather than a fruitful discussion towards ending it on a positive note. Instead, acknowledge the positive aspects of the relationship while slowly coming to the loopholes and gaps you might have tried to fix for a long time but were unable to. Gradually explain, how you will not be able to give her the happiness she deserves if you take this any further and it is not going to work out. This will not let her feel that you are only here for the breakup and only saw the negatives.

4. Keep it Clean

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Honesty is the key. Be honest with her about how you feel and do not give her fake hopes that things might get sorted and you two can come again together later. Keep the breakup clean. Do not lie in the thought that it might hurt her less, that will make things even more complicated.

Some Tips:

1. Do not engage in any intimate moment as things will get worse after that.

2. After the breakup, stay out of touch for a decent amount of time and give her and yourself space and time to recover from it.

3. Do not go publicly stating that you are free or something like that, this would make her feel more hurt than the breakup.

4. Do not drunk call/text her ever. Take a pledge and keep things simple and end for good.


Breakups are not easy, but following these steps will ensure that you do it with kindness and respect, and do it in a way that minimizes the pain for both of you. To stay positive, always remember the positive times you both had and how you guys helped each other grow up. Avoid hating the significant other. Not all relationships are forever and you have to accept it.

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