Amazing Opening Lines When You Start Your Conversation With A Girl

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Amazing Opening Lines When You Start Your Conversation With A Girl letmeanalyze-min

Starting a conversation with a girl you like can make you feel nervous but that should not stop you from trying. But if you have no idea what to talk about and how to start, this might lead you to overthink and maybe not say anything at all.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you out, try these sure-to-work conversation starters that will never leave you with a second thought.

1. Start with a Simple Question

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To get a conversation started, start with a simple question, in a way she won’t even notice that you are purposefully talking to her. The question should be simple yet interesting so if the conversation starts building from there, you two can probably exchange numbers or possibly grab a quick coffee. Remember to ask her something that she can answer without hesitation, like asking for directions. For example: If you are out in the street and you see a girl you like, just ask a simple question like: do you know if there's a coffee shop nearby? This way you will get to stop her and she will give you a reply. The important part in any opening lines is the follow-up questions because you didn’t just want to ask a question, get an answer and then walk away. So, you need to change topics and follow them up in a relaxed manner. When she gives you the answer, you could say: Thanks, where are you from by the way? And when she tells you, you tell her where you are from and introduce your name. By this point, you two are already inside a conversation, so carry it wisely and remember to exchange numbers down the line.

2. Prop Based Opener

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Another way to start a conversation can be prop-based, where you talk about something that is around the girl, for example, if she’s holding a drink at a bar or you are at an art gallery where she’s looking at a painting, you can start your conversation by commenting upon the painting. She would look at you and reply. This way, you can also introduce yourself and keep talking.

3.The Situational Opener

In this way you have to talk about the situation, for example, if you guys are in a lecture that does not seem interesting, here you can start the conversation by talking about the situation or if you are in a concert, you can say “what an amazing concert it is”, this way the situational opener works.

4. The Opinion Opener

The Opinion Opener letmeanalyze-min

One of the most engaging ways where you ask for a girl’s opinion on something for example, if you are at a clothing store, you can ask her for her opinion on which shirt looks good on you or if you are at a coffee shop, you can ask her recommendations.

Some Tips:

Be confident about yourself. That is the first thing any girl notices when you approach her and even if your opening lines are not that great but you seemed confident to her, she would be open to talking to her.

Timing is important. You have to be observant and find the right time to slip in for starting conversations. If a girl is standing next to the restroom, none would want a guy to come and start talking to her at a place like that. Another example is, if you see that she is on a call and seems angry or frustrated about something, that is a red flag, avoid such moments as she would not be mentally available.

Pick-up lines matter, but be careful with how to use them. Pick-up lines have a way of delivering them. You can not just say those words in any manner, so make sure to get comfortable in using them and maybe practice them a bit with a friend so you don’t make any goof-ups at the most important time.

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