Want to confirm a date with your crush right away? Checkout this small guide.

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Want to confirm a date with your crush right away? Checkout this small guide.

Have you been crushing on someone for a while and finally mustered up the courage to ask them out on a date? Congrats on taking that first step! But now comes the tricky part: actually confirming the date. It can be a daunting task to put yourself out there and ask your crush for a specific time and place. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with this small guide on how to confirm a date with your crush right away.

1. Keep it simple and direct

When it comes to confirming a date with your crush, it’s best to keep it simple and direct. You don’t want to beat around the bush or make it seem like you’re not sure if you want to go on the date. Instead, be straightforward and confident in your approach.

Start by sending a message that expresses your excitement to see them.

For example, “Hey, I’m really looking forward to our date this weekend.” This lets your crush know that you’re serious about going out with them and that you’re enthusiastic about spending time together.

Next, suggest a specific time and place for the date. Make sure to choose a location that’s convenient for both of you and that you both will enjoy.

For example, “How about we meet up at that new sushi place downtown at 7 pm on Saturday?”

Finally, end your message by asking if the time and place work for them. This shows that you’re considerate of their schedule and that you’re willing to be flexible if needed.

For example, “Does that work for you, or is there a different time or place that’s better?”

2. Be respectful of their response

When you confirm a date with your crush, it’s important to be respectful of their response. Whether they say yes or no, it’s crucial to accept their answer gracefully and move on.

If they say yes, express your excitement and gratitude. Let them know that you’re looking forward to spending time with them and that you appreciate them taking the time to meet up with you.

For example, “Great! I’m really excited to see you too. Thank you for saying yes.”

If they say no, don’t take it personally. Remember that everyone has different priorities and interests, and it’s possible that your crush may not be interested in dating you at this time.

Instead, be respectful of their decision and continue to treat them with kindness and respect.

For example, “That’s okay, I understand. Thanks for letting me know.”

3. Follow up before the date

Once you’ve confirmed the date with your crush, it’s a good idea to follow up with them a day or two before to ensure that everything is still on track.

This shows that you’re responsible and reliable, and that you’re taking the date seriously.

Send a message that confirms the time and place of the date, and ask if they need any additional information or have any questions.

For example, “Hey, just wanted to check in and confirm that we’re still on for tomorrow at 7 pm at the sushi place downtown. Do you need any additional information, or have any questions?”

This follow-up message also gives you an opportunity to express your excitement for the date one more time, and to let your crush know that you’re looking forward to seeing them.

For example, “I’m really excited to see you tomorrow and try that sushi place. I hope you’re having a good week so far.”

Conclusion: Confirm your date by following these simple tips, you can do it with confidence and ease. Remember to be direct and respectful in your approach, and to follow up before the date to ensure that everything is still on track.

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