Trending Netflix Shows To Watch In 2023

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Bored of the usual and not-so-new shows to be interested in? Confused and searching for some new series to watch on Netflix? If yes, you have reached the right spot. Netflix is a daily used platform for binge-watching and offers a large range of shows and movies from all over the world. As you are looking for some new content, here are some highly recommended series that you can watch and may want to add to your watchlist in 2023. Apart from those” usual and not so new” things, come let us explore some more shows which you binge upon.

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad letmeanalyze-min

In this crime drama series, a chemistry teacher teaching in high school is into manufacturing and selling methamphetamine after she knows that she has been diagnosed with cancer. This series is quite popular and praised for its caste and their character, extraordinary drama, and finding the moral of uncertainty. However, the show had a great watching from 2008-2013, it still remains a masterpiece and one who hasn’t watched should really watch this show. It tells us that whatever your intentions are, you will for sure hurt others which is irreparable.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things letmeanalyze-min

This is absolutely amazing and worth a watch as you might have heard. This is a sci-fi horror show which is now a cultural event and it gives us a view of the 1980s and takes us to Hawkins, Indiana, a fictional town. The series showcases a friend group as they discover mysteries and face horrifying creatures. The fourth season of “Stranger Things” has been released and you can binge-watch it in 2023. It is very popular and worth a watch

3. Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba letmeanalyze-min

This drama comedy is totally based on the ups and downs of a fashion designer, Masaba Gupta. It showcases the problems of her personal and professional life. This show is popular for showing something unique and its focus on the celebrity biopic genre, praise-worthy performances and out-of-the-box writing. Both seasons are available for watching on Netflix. Without facing any disappointment you will surely love this series and will be totally amazed by the efforts put up for making this show.

4. Sacred Games

It is a crime thriller which is based on the famous novel written by Vikram Chandra and showcases a police officer in Mumbai as he attempts to prevent a terrorist attack. The show is said to be a “must-watch “ for its magnetic storyline, applauded performances and investigation of the underworld of Mumbai and its wrongdoings. It’s both seasons are trending and is available on Netflix. If looking for an action-based thriller, you should surely watch this.

Sacred Games letmeanalyze-min

5. Mai

Sakshi Tanwar, in the lead role, portrays a woman who wants to become independent and wishes to live on her own will after her kids leave home. This show attempts to help us explore the themes of love, family relationships and self-discovery. It is totally a must-watch for every woman. It also inspires all the women who are unable to stand up for themselves.

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