UGLY War Over Virat Kohli and Shahrukh Khan Fans on Twitter.

Radhika Lyengar

Content Manager - Let Me Analyze

In a poll on Twitter on March 28, a user questioned, "Who is a larger personality and achiever globally?" Virat Kohli and Shah Rukh Khan were the two choices. Before the voting results were announced, a dispute developed between Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli supporters.

Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli both believe that they are more iconic, despite the fact that Shah Rukh Khan won 8.8% more votes. Supporters began tweeting in favor of their favorite stars, and Virat Kohli and Shah Rukh Khan both became trending topics on Twitter as a result.

Shah Rukh Khan's "most liked" tweet, according to a Virat Kohli supporter, is connected to the former India captain.

There is no similarity, a person who referenced Shah Rukh Khan's post on Virat Kohli wrote.

Few people expressed that both are India's pride and represent the country internationally, despite the fact that followers of both sides continued their uncalled-for Twitter battle.

Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli are both the pride of India, according to a tweet. Both represent our nation abroad! End this immature altercation immediately. "I'm not sure what the issue is with some #SRK and #ViratKohli fans. Why are you guys breeding such a strong dislike for one another?

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