Top 10 thoughtful gift ideas to make your Manager feel special


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Lucky are those who get a great manager. The workplace and working environment turn into heaven when you have the best boss. As an employee, it's crucial to show appreciation and express gratitude towards your managers as they play an important role in our professional lives. In this blog post, we will share 10 thoughtful gifts for the manager to make them feel special

1. Exclusive Desk Set

This is one of the most practical gifts for boss male or female. You can include a pen or pencil holder, mouse pad, memo pad holder, leather desk pad, luxury feels pen or any other stationary item, all with their initials to make it more personalised.

2. Business Card Holder

This gift for manager is a practical and useful gift for them. If your manager has lots of meetings and corporate outings this can be a great gift which also shows that you pay attention to their details.

3. Bobblehead of the team

A fun and unique idea which will always give a smile to your manager's face. This can also be a good farewell gift for boss that they will cherish forever. You can get a bobblehead that looks like your manager with their favourite clothes.

4. A gift basket

Get a basket full of their favourite stuff like snacks, bath products, office accessories, some electronic products (depending on your budget), leather accessories like customised bag tags, stationery, diary with their initials engraved on it. These gifts can fall under the best boss gifts.

5. Subscription to their favourite platform

If your manager likes to binge watch then subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sony live can be unique gifts for your boss. On the contrary, if they are passionate about learning and developing new skills then we would suggest a subscription-like Skillshare, udemy course, coursera etc.

6. Desk Plant

A plant always adds positivity to life and a desk plant like a succulent or cactus does not require much maintenance. A plant can also be a birthday gift for boss male or female boss. It compliments everyone!

7. Tech Accessory or gadgets

For tech-savvy people, accessories like laptop sleeves, wireless chargers, personalised phone cases, smartwatches, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, mouse, Samsung pen or Apple Pen, gaming consoles and many more.

8. Favourite Hard-drink

One of the favourite and most interesting gifts that everyone prefers. A bottle of exclusive wine or whiskey is always a well-received gift that's perfect for any occasion. To make an interesting gift for boss you can add a personalised label of their name or a sweet note

9. Fitness tracker

Does your manager work out before or after office hours? A fitness tracker is a useful gift for a boss that supports his interests and daily activities. This will also show your appreciation towards them.

10. A beverage with cutlery

If they love taking short tea or coffee breaks, this could be an interesting gift. If you want to give an elaborate gift, consider buying a coffee maker, teapot set, coffee mug or kettle. There are delicious teas and coffees available, choose according to your manager’s taste.

These gift ideas should help to pamper and appreciate your boss or manager. Always remember, gifting should always make them feel special and should show your appreciation towards their guidance and support throughout your corporate journey

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