11 uncommon wedding gifts ideas which are trending in 2023


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Wedding celebrations are a lifetime event and should be celebrated wholeheartedly. Is your BFF getting married to the love of their life? It’s time to pamper them with the best. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! In this blog, you will get wedding gift ideas for a best friend that are trending in 2023

1. Experience Gift

Attention Attention Attention!!!! The best marriage gift idea for friends is a staycation where you can give them a comfortable stay in a luxury hotel or a resort where they can just chill and release all the wedding stress and tiredness! This gift is a great way to create memories for the couple too.

2. A Classy Bathrobe Set

Bathrobe set with their names written on the back is a unique and stylish gift idea as they can be used every day and also get some Instagram-able photos. A similar gift can be a set of bath towels.

3. Personalised Wine Glasses

Set of Luggage tags, passport covers, customised travel organisers or pouches, and hats with their names that can be used to make their romantic getaway more interesting and photogenic.

4. Travel Accessories

Get a basket full of their favourite stuff like snacks, bath products, office accessories, some electronic products (depending on your budget), leather accessories like customised bag tags, stationery, diary with their initials engraved on it. These gifts can fall under the best boss gifts.

5. Luxury Couple Spa day

If you are looking for an expensive wedding gift for your best friend then this wedding gift idea is thoughtful and will give the couple a relaxing feel. You can choose different types of spas that are available and in duration.

6. Planters

Couples who love nature and are fond of plants can be surprised by an exclusive set of unique plants that can enhance the greenery of their houses and make them feel positive. You can also get stylish ceramic colourful pots that can be used for multiple things.

7. Exclusive Coffee Set

For those couples who start their day with coffee, a coffee set is a beautiful gift option that can be used every day. You can choose different types of roasts and blends. Along with the coffee set, you can also include some coffee mugs with their names written on them.

8. Bath & Body Care

Whether it’s a wedding gift for male or a gift for females, create a customised hamper with products that have a refreshing fragrance. The hamper can include shower gels, shampoo, body creams, soaps, loofah, hand creams, and bubble bath bombs. To add extras, fragrant candles are also considered unique wedding gift ideas for friends

9. Wedding Portrait

Add beauty to the couple’s room with a beautiful portrait of their pre-wedding shoot or wedding day photographs. Remember to choose the portrait according to their house colours. This is a memorable wedding gift option.

10.Smart Home Device

Modern wedding gift option for couples that prefer practical gifts and can get help in their day-to-day activities. You can explore options like a Bluetooth speaker, Alexa, vacuum cleaner, and dishwasher depending on your budget.

Choosing the right gift which is uncommon, thoughtful and cute is very important. After all, the couple will cherish it forever. With these additional uncommon wedding gift ideas that are trending in 2023, you'll be sure to find the perfect gift that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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