5 Harsh Truths About Performance Anxiety And How To Overcome It With New Women.

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5 harsh truths about performance anxiety and how to overcome it with new jmletmeanalyze

Performance anxiety is a common problem that affects many men worldwide.

It can prevent men from feeling confident about themselves during intercourse.

Unfortunately, performance anxiety affects 9-25% of men globally. It hinders their ability to experience raw pleasure during sex.

We have some tips to help you overcome performance anxiety with new women.

Here are six harsh truths about performance anxiety and how you can overcome it with new women.

1. Worldwide problem

worldwide problem letmeanalyze

The first truth about performance anxiety is that it's a common problem many men experience.
Despite the commonality of the problem, men feel ashamed and disrespected to discuss it.
This lack of knowledge and shame prevents them from overcoming it.
Knowing that performance anxiety is a common issue can help alleviate some of the embarrassment and lead to seeking help.

2. A woman cannot sense it

A woman cannot sense it letmeanalyze

A woman cannot sense when a man is anxious in bed. Usually, women blame themselves for their inability to arouse a man. A woman will know if you constantly mention it or apologize to them. She will not make assumptions and think it's part of the process. Instead, relax and focus on yourself.

3. Is it self-enforcing?

Is it self-enforcing_ letmeanalyze

Ask yourself whether what you're experiencing is performance anxiety or is it self-enforcing behavior? Many men worry about their sexual performance, and it can be challenging to maintain an erection. Breaking this cycle can be challenging at first, but it's crucial to try. Focus on the moment, play some relaxing music, and let go of expectations from yourself.

4. Is it an underlying medical condition?

is it an underlying medical condition_ letmeanalyze

Performance anxiety can be a result of an underlying medical condition. If you experience chronic difficulty getting an erection or facing erectile dysfunction, it is better to consult a licensed professional.

5. It affects everything, not just sex - The final truth about performance anxiety is that it's connected to deeper emotional issues and not just sex. Talking to a therapist and medical treatment can help resolve the underlying issue.

How to overcome performance anxiety with new women?

How to overcome performance anxiety with new women

You can overcome performance anxiety with practice and communication. If you struggle with performance anxiety, it is essential to communicate openly with your partner.

Talk to them, practice deep breathing techniques, and release some of the pressure you are feeling inside.


Performance anxiety is a common issue that affects both men and women worldwide. More importantly, break the loop of self-enforcing anxiety, talk to your partner, and seek help. Follow the tips above to overcome performance anxiety and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with a new woman.

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