30 Unique Gift Ideas For Dad in 2023


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Father's day is around the corner! Are you too checking out blogs for unique father’s day gifts for dad? Well, you have reached the right space because we know exactly how to express your love and make him feel special with the best gift ideas for father.

Here’s a list of 30 unique fathers day ideas:

1. Photo Mug

Make your father smile with a customized photo mug. Add a favourite photo or design to make it cute.

2. Personalized beer glasses

Is he a beer lover? then a personalized beer glasses with his name or initials is a great option for a birthday gift for father.

3. Customized sports accessories

Sports lover dads can be loved by gifting them customize golf balls or personalised cricket bat with his name or a message to add a personal touch.

4. Personalized photo frame

Pick his favourite father-daughter photo and personalize the frame with a special message.

5. Leather wallet: A useful gift for dads

who loves accessories then a good wallet is a unique gift option. To make it more special you can customize it with his initials.

6. Grill set

Does he cooks on the weekend then why not gift him a stylish and personalized grill set?

7. Customized whiskey or wine glasses

For a dad who enjoys whiskey and wine, a set of elegant alcohol glasses is the best gift for dad, let him enjoy those tipsy moments with his friends and is a great addition to his barware

8. Bluetooth Speaker

For musical fathers, a Bluetooth speaker, a mic, a karaoke set, or a music player is a special gift for him.

9. Personalized laptop bag

A classic gift for your father who always has their laptop on. Consider choosing the quality that has durability and same time looks classy. Can be made more interesting with his name or initials.

10.Tailored towel

A useful and stylish gift for a dad that he will use every day and cherish.

11.Customized photo book

Collect all those cute photos and customize a photo book with writing about that memory

12.Stylish engraved cufflinks

A stylish and thoughtful gift for a dad who wears cufflinks

13.Engraved flask

A classic and timeless gift for a dad who enjoys a good drink.

14.Customized tech organizer

Appreciating tech-savvy dads with an organiser to keep all his stuff in place.

15.Made-to-order retirement plaque

If your dad is retiring, give him a personalized plaque to commemorate his years of service and dedication.

16.Insulated travel tumbler

An insulated travel tumbler in your dad's favourite colour or pattern, with a design or quote that represents your relationship, is a practical yet thoughtful gift.

17. A Watch

A classic and timeless gift for a dad that will compliment his look whether it’s a formal occasion or any other event. A watch is always a must-have!

18.Retirement t-shirt

Give your dad a fun and quirky retirement t-shirt to celebrate his new chapter in life.

19.Leather document holder

For dads who have documented every time and everywhere they go, a leather document holder practical gift.

20.Customized photo puzzle

A fun and unique way to create memories with your dad. Sit together and solve that puzzle!

21. Travel accessories

Passport cover, an instant photo camera for printable memories, luggage tags, and a water-resistant mobile phone cover to record his fun-filled water moments. A scrapbook where he can write all his travel memories.

22. A fitbit watch/smartwatch

Make him feel special and concerned for his health by gifting a smartwatch or a fitbit where he can track his everyday workout.


Add style to his everyday look by gifting nice pair of sunglasses or spectacles for his outgoing events.

24. Set of handkerchiefs

useful gifts for dad as they would need this every day.

25. Cardholder set

: A money clip and card holder is a practical gift for a father. Leather or suede depends upon his style and choices.

26. Stylish customised pen

Enhance his shirt look so that he can carry your personalized pen and feel the luxury.

27. Customized Caricature

A fun, creative, and unique gift that your dad will love. You can customize it to look like your dad.

28.Customised deck of cards

Poker, rummy or teen patti? What’s his game? Get a deck designed and let him show off his personalised card set.

29. Canvas with a special message

Write a message for him on a portable canvas size that he can place anywhere

30. A trip

Last but not the least, a father-daughter day trip can be the best father’s day gift as you both will have the time of your lives! Don’t forget to take your camera.

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