Top 10 surprise gift ideas for your 12-year old son

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Finding the perfect gift for your 12-year old son can be a little difficult because you want to give your child something interesting and useful that they love too! There are so many things available in the market but we have done all the research for you and all different types of gift ideas for your son are covered to suit their interest and personality. Plus, we have given some options that are not heavy on your pockets!

1. Homemade Coupon

If you are following a budget and also want to add a special element to the birthday gift, homemade coupons can be made for example, your favourite meal, movie night, extra screen time, no homework day, mother-son outing, friends plan at home, sports day etc that suits his interests. You can ask him to redeem those coupons for his birthday month. This can be a meaningful gift idea for the son.

2. Portable Speaker

After a certain age, especially once the kids enter their teens, they tend to incline towards different kinds of music. Gift your son a portable speaker so that he can enjoy it anywhere and literally everywhere! Consider buying a waterproof speaker that has a long battery life.

3. Fitness Band

If he loves sports and wants to build that cool physique then a fitness band or a smartwatch is a practical gift where he can track his steps, sleep cycles, calories burned and many more interesting features available in the watch.

4. An adventure experience

Does he love to ride roller coasters or big water slides? It’s time for some adrenaline rush! Book a day trip to amusement parks or water parks where he can have a birthday filled with thrill, excitement and fun! To make his birthday more special, invite his favourite people!

5. Musical Instrument

Every child has their own likings, some love cricket and on the other hand, some boys love to play guitar, drums or the piano. Consider giving him some musical pieces so that he can learn and enjoy playing.

6. Customised sports jersey

What can be better than a personalised sports jersey with his name and lucky number on the back? The ultimate gift for sports lovers. If he already has a jersey, then you can also choose sports equipment with his name engraved on it. cricket bat, golf kit, squash racket etc.

7. A camera

Encourage your son to capture all those beautiful and fun moments and create memories. It’s a unique birthday gift for sons that can also develop their photography skills. Consider an Instax Mini camera that gives a print of the photos immediately.

8. Family games night

After all his friends' party celebrations, it’s time to plan a family games night in which you can put together all the fun board games, everyone's favourite snacks and music to dance on! Plan games which also involve activities like Pictionary, charades, one-minute team games etc.

9. Telescope

If your son loves to explore stars, planets, galaxies and observe the night sky, a telescope is an interesting birthday gift idea for a 12-year old. This way you can support his interest and passions. Consider adding a few books that give knowledge about space.

10. Subscription box

Last but not the least, a monthly subscription that compliments his interest such as board games, science kits, encyclopaedias, novels, games, art supplies or even cooking kits for that matter. It’s the best way to keep them engaged and limit their screen time.

Always remember to consider your son’s passion and interest before choosing birthday gifts for him to make them more special for him

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