10 amazing Facts About Progressive Slot

10 Amazing Fact About Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a part of online slot machines where they increase the value of jackpots every time someone makes a bet until someone wins.

The odds of winning in progressive slots are long but the ultimate jackpot is huge.

Some classic slots are standalone but in modern online casino games the slot machines are pooled together, this increases the amount of jackpot earned a notch higher.  

After a winner is announced in the progressive slots, the slots reset to their starting value and the prize starts pooling once again. This process keeps going on every time. Online progressive slots are considered equivalent to lottery tickets, as the prize gets bigger until a winner is drawn, which is chosen at random. 




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10 Amazing facts about progressive slots are as follows:-

Megabucks is the biggest slot machine jackpot.

This slot machine is a state-specific, classic slot machine that collects slot machine pools from about 750 machines and hits the jackpot of about 10 million dollars. This slot machine allows you to go with the cash option, where players can settle for 60% of the prize amount. 

Megabucks curse

It is said that Megabucks has a curse attached to them. But now the stories of this curse are an urban legend.

Put odds in favor of players

It is possible to play using an optimal strategy when the jackpot is huge. Using apps and predictions, users can compute the break-even point and start playing when the value of the jackpot increases. 

Advantage player teams

Like the card counter in blackjack, an advantage player is someone who has the edge over the casino. They play as a team and then distribute the jackpot among themselves. Some online casinos don’t allow these players. 

Slot machines have worse odds

Players generally tend to play on flat slot machines rather than progressive slots because the former has odds of winning far more, is easy to understand, and is more economical than the latter.

Mega Moolah is the best progressive jackpot online

Based on African themes, mega moolah is one of the online progressive slot machines that provide huge jackpots. These jackpots range from 5 million dollars to 13 million dollars. 

Play with max coins

It is a given that players should play with minimum coins in online slots, but while playing on progressive slots, players should play with the max coins they have. Since the odds are never in favor, the fewer coins might as well be zero. 

Some casinos only offer progressive slots

Another state-specific online casino, Scotland, offers online casino games where all the winnings and games tie at the end for the bigger jackpot. Users from different states cannot access this game.

Standalone progressive

A standalone progressive is one where the jackpot is won on that machine only. The jackpot is smaller, but the odds are in favor of the player. When the jackpot is small, the probability to win on slot machines gets higher. 

Slot club cards can be used

It does not affect your gaming experience when you play for progressive slots while your slot club card is inserted or used. 


Progressive slots are entertaining and profitable for those who understand the game and the odds it works with. It is a game of chance and there are no consolations involved whatsoever. Having correct knowledge and understanding of slots can make you win a great jackpot. Happy Gambling!




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