Will Lord Puneet return to Big Boss Ott 2? Here’s what you should know!

Tripti Wadhwani

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Are you a Bigg Boss fan and have followed all the seasons since the start? Well, then, here we are with some spicy and trending content! Biss Boss has always been a sensation, and everyone who enjoys reality shows loves its drama and entertainment.

There have been many contestants who remain on the favorite list of the audience. As the fans wait for the second Bigg Boss season, there is hype to know: Will Lord Puneet return to Bigg Boss OTT 2? In this blog, we will check some possibilities for you.

Lord Puneet's big boss journey has many ups and downs, but he left an unforgettable impression on the audience during the season. His style of playing the game, his strategies, bold behavior, and handling the situations created an extensive fan base for him. He always had the boldness and talent to survive in rugged and pressurized conditions in the show.

Lord Puneet is named Lord because of his funny videos and great sense of humor. Fans find his personality very charming and look at him as a happy and loving person. Because of his funny content, he became very famous. Apart from his sense of humor, fans love and respect him because he helps people experiencing poverty and donates a large amount of money, gaining his respect.

The day Lord Puneet left the show was an unpredictable shock for many of his fans. TRP of the big boss dropped down, and people started creating memes for the show. Puneet gives comments in the show like BB OTT2 receives high TRP because of him, and it doesn't matter if he stays in the show. This dialogue of Puneet is trending on social media, and the audience is supporting him in his statements.

Bringing Lord Puneet back is solely a decision by the producer, and it depends upon the TRP and the audience's demand. Bigg Boss, no wonder, is a show full of drama and entertainment, and Puneet brought all of it. There will be no surprise if producers bring him back for all the drama, and the fans will surely be happy.

Many people stopped watching bigg Boss because he argued with other contestants. Due to this, the situation of the house was worse, and rules were broken.

Social media messages and fans' responses may influence the decision to return him; the rest depends on the production team. However, this still needs to be answered, leaving the audience waiting and hoping for the best. All we can do is hope to see him back on the "Weekend Ka Vaar" episode.

Salman Khan kicked out Lord Puneet because of his rude behavior, but on the other hand, fans are waiting to see his comeback and posting on social media to bring Puneet back on Bigg boss Ott2; if they do not see him, they will stop watching the show which will eventually decrease the TRP. Please keep checking our page for more updates on the show!

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