Valorant In The E-sports Market In India

Valorant In The E-sports Market In India

Over the years, India has seen tremendous growth in the gaming market sectors also famously known as the E-sports market. E-sports sponsor a variety of gamers and game developers to promote and publish their games to get reviews and provide entertainment to millions of followers of e-sports. 

E-sports is different from gaming in the sense that e-sports are on the advanced level, requiring more experience and knowledge about the game while normal gaming is an activity to take part in as leisure.    

Earlier countries like China, South Korea, and America have always been at the forefront of the e-sport community but now Indian developers have taken this community by storm.




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India’s E-sports market

E-sports has taken the attention of the majority of Indians. Games like Dota2 and CS: GO have gained a lot of followers of Indian origin. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PUBG which was developed in 2017 has gained tremendous popularity and following from people of different age groups. 

These E-sports can be played on mobiles and PCs. This was one of the major contributors to the popularity of E-sports in India. 

Valorant, which was introduced in 2020, has taken the E-sport market by storm and has gained the attention of the public in just 3 months after being developed. 

Valorant in India

Valorant is an E-sport game developed by the legendary Riot games, who are also the developer of the very famous game called League of Legends [LOL]. LOL was one of the most viewed and played games as per 2018 reports on e-sports. 

The publicity of Valorant is not only due to a famous and trustworthy developer but also due to the fact that the game does not require high computer equipment and set-up. It can be accessed and played from anywhere. 

The characters of Valorant have special abilities and features which are very distinct from others and distinct too. Valorant also provides the tactical element and teamwork which has proven significant in attracting audiences and also giving exceptional experience to players.

Growth of Valorant in India 

Valorant is growing in popularity among streaming games in India. 

It is a given that due to the pandemic, the game has gained the attention of major population groups in India almost instantly, but it is due to the Valorant server of India that is working on developing the game further than ensures users that the game will remain in the market for the long run.

The major reason for the growing interest in Valorant is courtesy of Valorant-related tournaments. The India Today Valorant Cup has proved to be a huge success, also the Rise of Legends Tournament of 2021 was highly celebrated as participants from the global level participated in the game, but the Indian team won the game and title of Global E-sports too. 

Riot Games has worked to provide accessible and engaging e-sport games for its users all around the globe. They have made games like LOL and Valorant accessible through mobiles and PCs, which has generated a player engagement fuel of sorts that has transformed the e-sports market of India. Today, India is one of the most dominant and active e-sport markets in the world

Valorant team finder  

Follow these easy steps to join or find a team of your liking on Valorant:-

1. Describe yourself [ write your description to find like-minded games].

2. Fill in your profile [ state your achievements, in-game stats].

3. Create your account [ state your nickname and password].

4. Done! You have successfully established yourself as a Valorant player.

Follow these easy steps to recruit new team members on Valorant:-

* Describe your team [ describe your team to attract like-minded players].

* Fill in your team profile [ state team’s about and what features you are looking for].

* Create your account [ state your team name and password].

* Done! You have successfully established your Valorant team. 

How to become a good player /pro at Valorant?

Like any other online game, users can become pros at games like Valorant by simply playing regularly and practicing their skills in the game. Other important factors to become a good player are:-

Excellent communication

Since the game is played in teams, it is necessary for players to have good communication skills, so it is easy to talk with teammates while playing. 

Cool head

While playing games, it is easy to lose your emotions. So, instead of making a rash decision while playing, keep a cool head and control your emotions. 

Game knowledge

Before diving into the world of enjoyment and continuous gaming, it is necessary for players to understand the game. The features, the characters, and the processes are all a part of game knowledge a good player has.

How to join a Valorant tournament?

Follow these steps to join a Valornat tournament:-

1. Register yourself on a tournament account. This is an easy process, fill in your name, country, and phone number. 

2. Browse and choose the tournament of your choice. There are three tournaments to choose from Free games, Mature games, and Pro games. 

3. Check-in for the tournament. There is generally a time lin=mit of 15 minutes for check-in. 

4. Join the game. The match will start after you join the game server. 

5. As soon as the match ends, report your score on the website. Also, winners are supposed to upload a screenshot of their score on the site to ensure fair play.

Enjoy gaming with Valorant!

NOTE- the minimum amount to join the tournament is 20-30 rupees and the payment can be made through credit cards, net banking, and eWallets.


Valorant has been a breath of fresh air for players who were waiting for something new and challenging to arrive in the heard of e-sports games. With its distinctive games and features, Valorant has gained the trust and attention of major Indian players and is the custodian to provide unlimited entertainment for its users. Happy Gaming!




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