How To Play Teen Patti – Beginner Pack

Teen Patti is a simplified version of the famous three-card game ‘Poker’ and quite popular in India. Initially, its craze was limited to India, but with time it has gained admiration throughout South Asia. This game constitutes the most popular online gambling games loved by the players. It is also known as ‘flush’ or ‘flash’ and can be played online at any time and from anywhere in the world. Being played around three to a maximum of ten players and a deck of 52 cards without a joker, the game needs all the players to put an equal amount of chips or money in a pot. After that, the players need to play the best three-card hand and the one who plays his best till the end wins the game.

Many websites provide the players with free chips to the beginners as well as experienced players to play the game initially and gain some experience. Free chips offer players two things, first – a chance to practice and second – chance to win free money. By taking advantage of free money the players can improve their game without risking their own money.

Some Basic Terms Used In Teen Patti Are –

Boot amount

Minimum stake amount/money agreed upon and collected from each player


A pool in which the boot amount collected from the players is kept.




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All the players are dealt three cards face down. As the game proceeds further the pot amount grows and is won by the winner of that hand. The one who has remained in the game till its end and has the best or highest hand wins the game. The ranking of the card from highest to lowest are –

  • Trail or Set (three of the same rank)
  • Pure sequence, 
  • Sequence (or run)
  • Color
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank)
  • High Card.

Versions of Teen Patti

There are varied forms of playing Teen Patti online in various casinos of India. Some of them are –

  • Mufliss (Lowball):  In this variation, the rankings of the card have reversed.
  • Best of Four: Here, in the case of normal three, four cards are dealt with and ultimately the aim is to make a three-card hand out of the four cards.
  • Low Wild: Each player’s minimum ranking card in that hand only is considered a wild.
  • Wild Draw: After dealing with the cards, the dealer would pick a random card and each card of the same rank would be wild.
  • High wild: It’s similar to the low wild; the wild cards become the highest-ranking cards.
  • Bust Card Draw:  In this, the dealer needs to draw a random card and that implies a call of death for any player who has that card in his hand as he would have to fold.
  • Two-lowest wild: As the name implies, while each player has handled 4 cards, the two lowest-ranking cards are called wild cards in the player’s hand itself. Cards ranked middle are not treated as a wild card.

In addition to this, there are many such variants of Teen Patti such as Draw, stud, Cobra, Community, Kaana King Jack, Kiss-Miss-Bliss, and others.

Steps And Betting Process In Teen Patti 

The process of Teen Patti betting starts with the players sitting to the left of the dealer. The players continue to take turns in clockwise order around the betting table, for as many rounds as are needed. It all depends on the players to either play by putting an additional amount of bet in the pot or pay no amount and pack. Packing means now the player won’t be able to play any further and he will lose the money already placed in the pot.
The amount of money a player can place as a bet depends whether he is playing as a ‘blind’ player or a ‘seen’ player. Seen players need to bet twice the amount than the blind players to stay in the game. At the beginning of the game, the current stake is one unit, which means it is the amount each player put in the pot called an ante.
A blind player means he has not looked at his cards.  So the blind player needs to put at least the current stake and not exceed twice the current stake. So, the amount a blind player puts in is the current stake for the next player. A seen player has seen his cards. He must bet two times the current stake and not exceed four times the current stake. And for the next player, the current state becomes the half of the amount the seen player has bet.

 A blind player can turn into a seen player if he sees the cards on his turn for betting. After that, the betting continues until –

 All the players except one player have folded. In this case, the player who remains until the last of the game becomes the winner, irrespective of the cards held.
All players except two players have packed and one of these players pays for the show on his turn. In this scenario, cards of both the players are revealed and compared.

  • The game starts with dealing with the cards. After the cards are dealt with, the next step by the player is to make a call or a raise. The player will continue to bet with the same betting amount if he/she makes a call. But if a player makes a raise this means he raises the betting amount then before.
  • If no player is making a raise then each player needs to bet an equal amount. Also, those playing as “seen players” need to bet twice the amount of blind players to remain in the game. Players also have a right to pack if they don’t want to play anymore and they will lose the money in the pot.
  • The betting comes on hold if any of the players bet for a show. Then all the players reveal their cards and the player ranking the highest wins all money in the pot.
  • The player can also request for a sideshow or compromise with the player who bet before him/her. It depends on the player to accept or reject the sideshow request of the player. If both the players agree, they see each other’s cards and the player has a better hand and continues to play.

Tips to play Teen Patti as a Beginner 

  • Observe. Yes, you heard it right. The first and foremost thing to follow in any betting game is to observe the opponent. A good player keeps his eyes and ears open to smell even the slightest move of the opponent and his pattern of playing. Likewise, don’t give even the slightest chance to understand your next move.
  • Even if you have good cards in your kitty, don’t instantly post a big bet. Wait for the right moment. If you bet right from the initial stage, it will lead the other players with the weak card to fold immediately, and you might lose out on a good pot amount.
  • Sound confident while agreeing upon the stakes you want to play with. Always begin from low-value bets and increase the value gradually when you’re confident enough to have good cards.
  • Playing blind in online Teen Patti for the first couple of rounds helps in increasing the pot amount. Don’t play in haste as such players usually see their cards instantly and reveal their game. A player can leave the opponent confused about his cards by showing confidence.
  • A little bluffing in the game does not harm. By bluff, we don’t mean cheating but bluffing with weak cards. Do not ever give an indication of your weak cards to the opponent. It’s a pro tip to confuse the opponents until an extent that they pack/fold.
  • The most unique feature of Teen Patti is it helps decide the players whether their hand is worth continuing the game or not by using the sideshow option. If the player is not sure about the cards he can ask for the sideshow option from the preceding player and the player having a better hand of the both, continues playing.
  • If you are in doubt about the bets just pack! Teen Patti card game deals with picking the right moments to bet. If you’re not patient enough to wait for the right time, be ready to lose some mon



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