Dress to Impress: What to Wear on a First Date to Make a Lasting Impression For Men

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Are you someone who throws on a jogger and a loose-fit tea before heading out for groceries? You feel lazy and calm about your outfit but shy away from people scoring dates with beautiful girls around you. Your guy friends are always well-dressed, have girls around them, and are in much better mental health. You'll be amazed to know that your appearance plays a vital role in how people perceive you. Your hygiene habits, how you dress, and carry yourself in daily life determine the kind of friendships you have with people. You happen to score a date with your crush, but can't quite understand what to wear on your first date? That's great! You got through a challenging task, but what next? To make it easier for you, here's are some outfit ideas for men to wear to make a lasting impression on your first date:

1. For a breakfast date

You've just woken up and are not in the mood to dress up because breakfasts are casual, right?

While some people like to look spectacular even for a date, go with a relaxed outfit for a breakfast date.

Wear a comfortable pair of jeans with a loose-fitted T-shirt. - This is the perfect outfit for someone who wants to look relaxed on their first date.

Wide-leg jeans and oversized t-shirts are the hottest this season. Pair this street-style outfit with a silver neck chain or a bracelet, and wear your favorite sneakers to complete the look.

Another option for a breakfast date is to go for a co-ord set. - Co-ord sets are breathable, funky and come in many attractive designs.

Co-ord sets are perfect for someone who is fun and likes to play around with different patterns and colors.

2. For a lunch date

Going out with your date on a hot summer day? While going on a date sounds exciting, hot days make choosing fashion over comfort difficult. We get it; you want to wear a stylish outfit. But how will you pay attention to your date if you're sweating? Wear a breezy cotton shirt and linen pants for a comfortable yet classy look. Pair your beige linen pants with a crisp white shirt for an ultimate lunch date look.

3. For a dinner date

Imagine going out to a candlelight dinner with your date and making it romantic for both of you. Dinner dates are also the perfect time to sip wine, have comfortable conversations, and eat peacefully.

Wear a satin shirt with well-fitted pants for a handsome look. Don't forget to carry a pullover in case it gets cold.

Put on some jazz music and charm your date with some dance moves. You can complete this sophisticated look with formal shoes and a classic watch.


First dates can be confusing. You want to wear your best outfit, plan the date, and give 100%.

While many of these factors are not in your control, make sure you put effort into your outfit.

This blog gives you multiple options of outfits for different times of the day.
We hope this list of classic yet fashionable outfits will make a lasting impression on your date.

What are you waiting for? Check out the outfits mentioned above and help you score a second date with your crush today!

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