Daily Fantasy Sports Increasing in Popularity Worldwide

Sports is a wide field. Be it on television, live or online, people enjoy sports. In these changing times of technology, a new form of sports culture has originated, Daily fantasy sports. These are subsets of fantasy sports, providing viewers/ customers financial benefit along with experience.

During leagues and actual games, there are direct competitions and all the factors of a game are handled by institutions but now the viewers have their own ability to buy and run clubs and make favorable teams and earn some rewards after winning or losing irrespective of actual match. 

How Big Is The Fantasy Sports Market?

Marketing and capitalizing techniques have helped in tremendous growth of daily fantasy sports. From drafting of the team to advertising about these games a large sum of monetary value is earned by companies of these industries. 




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Most Popular Games

Based on the fan base all around the world soccer is the most popular fantasy sport. 

The game originated from China, is now recognized worldwide in different forms, in England it is referred as football. Lionel Messi, Christino Ronaldo, Neymar are some of the famous soccer players with the following of millions around the world. Based on the Indian fan following, cricket is the most popular fantasy sport.

The former British colonies follow and enjoy the sport, mostly in India, Pakistan and Australia. More so than the national game of India, cricket has gained more popularity and familiarity among masses. Virat kohli, David warner, Mahendra Singh Dhoni are popular players. 

Other fantasy sports games include hockey, basketball, tennis but the viewership and following is limited to that of Olympics or world championships only. 

Not only players, important leagues like NBA, NHL, IPL, NCAA have gained popularity and major viewership as fantasy sports leagues. Many android apps have partnered or developed their own version of fantasy sports apps but some famous fantasy sports apps are ESPN fantasy sports, Gamezy, Mycircle11, Dream-Team fantasy.

Fantasy Sports Gambling 

According to the federal law, fantasy sports are a game of skill rather than gambling where the viewers put limited money on the member of the team of their choice playing in the actual game and they earn their share of profit from the end result of the actual game. Although, it is upon the institutions to decide the amount of money won, the exposure of players to these games, etc. 

Fantasy Sports Betting

As per Indian law, fantasy sports are allowed all over India except a few states of Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, Telangana. Similarly, Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada are some states that block daily fantasy. 

Fantasy Games Growth In India

India is comparatively new in the fantasy sport industry with major preference on cricket but in2020, over 90 million people have played fantasy games. Not only that but in the last two years the fantasy sports market has grown to 16.5 thousand crore rupees in India especially during IPL season and T-20 world cup. It is estimated that by 2025, India will accustom around 650 million players. There’s still a long way to go. 




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