Friday, September 30, 2022

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Let Me Analyze is your perfect solution for online gambling. Our experts thoroughly review and analyze the best online gambling sites in India to provide you with a safe gambling experience. We work closely with the practitioners for honest reviews

For us all our readers are the king or queen who enter the gambling kingdom with Let me Analyze and help each other in any kind. We love when our community shares their experiences or gives tips to other players to enhance their gaming experience.

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Our mission is to give complete guidance to our readers about online casinos and online games. For the individuals who are beginners or experienced players, we provide you with the best gambling experience online.

Is online gambling legal in India?

According to The Public Gaming Act 1987 ,central law prohibits running or being in charge of a physically located public gambling house. But this law did not include anything about online gambling. With the regular changes in the legislation in India, states are entitled to make their own laws gambling activities. As per Supreme Court, three activities that do not fall under gambling are Horse race, game of skills and lottery. So this clearly states that Online Gambling and Betting is now legal. Our team is always working to review the changing laws and updates about the gambling industry and its legalities.