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Bumble – Full review

Dating in today’s parlance has propelled a lot. The need of finding a potential partner has evolved and so are the options and ways for it. Daters today are taking dating seriously and some might end up tying the knot with each other for the rest of their lives. Amidst these online dating apps there exist different apps for different motives and revolutionizing the concept of “Horses for courses”. And bumble is probably the first app that is for women and by women. This ensures a great safety feature for all the ladies out there.

Bumble is the most interesting app for online daters along with its unique traits that came into existence in the year 2014 by breaking all the stereotypes and making the gender dynamics even as dating was all about only men making the first move. With over a 100 million community across six continents worldwide bumble has now not only remained a dating app but has become diversified into a networking platform, and enabling people to come forward and make connections with each other irrespective of their gender from all walks of life.

The most interesting characteristic of bumble –

You all might have known and used various dating apps and there are a lot of other apps but Bumble enables some astonishing features that captivate daters not just for dating someone but networking and making connections with people. Bumble can be explored by daters in three ways -

1- Bumble Date – Dating being the prime element you can easily get connected to the women who prefer to contact you and go on a date with you.

2- Bumble Bizz – It is for such people who are not looking for personal connections but a business one. More or less similar to the LinkedIn platform that you can look for funding for your startup, acquire a huge network of people, look for your business deals, and explore and connect to the people of your niche or industry.

3- Bumble BFF – If you are not a dating person and just want to indulge in a platonic relationship Bumble BFF is for you. Here you can find people whom you can befriend by switching from Bumble mode to Bumble BFF.

Some additional features of Bumble we like –

Women are in control to make the first move –

Well, unlike most of the dating apps where both men and women are allowed to send a request to each other, in bumble bizz or bumble date mode only women are allowed to initiate the conversation. This ensures to avoid the gazillion of creepy messages and people away.

Matches expire after 24 hours –

If connected with someone, a woman has 24 hours to send a message to the match enabling them to initiate at their own will. You can extend this time through daily extend and get more time to connect with someone.

Keeps a check on fake profiles –

Are you thinking about fake profiles on bumble? You need not worry because bumble takes care of it by verifying your profile so that matches can see the blue tick on the verified profiles and get to know they are real ones.

Unmatch report & block –

Found someone annoying and or doing inappropriate behaviour? There is certainly room for these creepy heads as bumble allows you to unmatch and even report such people and the support team will block the person if they bother anyone.

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Hide your first name –

A yet another steaming feature of bumble where a woman can decide whether to her name or just the initials of her name. The control is fully in the hands of a woman where she decides to divulge her identity or not. This ensures that not everyone sends her messages or friend requests.

Hide your profile –

This is a unique attribute where you can choose to hide your profile if you find someone aggravating.

The BeeHive & Bumble Hive –

BeeHive enables all the dater to find some mind-blowing dating blogs having dating tips and hacks and keeps you updated on every trend. Whereas, Bumble hive refers to a series of events that are held by Bumble in which you can participate to have meetups with people for friendship, dating, or business, etc.

Safeguard users from harassment –

In addition to features of banning hate speeches, photo-verification bumble has introduced a new feature named “private Detective” in which it automatically blurs nude or inappropriate photos if sent by someone. It is the woman’s choice to see it by clicking or not.

How Bumble works –

Here are some simple steps that you can opt to start using Bumble –

Download Bumble from Google play store and create a Bumble account using Facebook.

Connecting your Facebook account with Bumble and you can upload your photos from there. You can also write a short bio about yourself.

The app consumes your geographical location to look for potential matches near your vicinity using the dater’s preferences of age, gender, etc.

Now you can begin your swipe game if you want to have a connection with a person you like.

After swiping right from both sides, the female has 24 hours to take the step and message first. And if no move is made you have lost the connection.

If a guy doesn’t reply to the message in 24 hrs the match expires permanently.

Let Me Analyze
Let Me Analyze

Women only app – This woman empowering feature might prove to be a con for those who are not able to take initiative to send the message or connection request.

24 Hours deadline – This can be a point of disappointment to some users as once a match is made the woman has 24 hrs to reply and if no initiative is taken by her the match is removed permanently.

Services available for free and fee-based versions –

For free members

Match suggestions based on your location

Profile creation

Chat, messaging & video calling service

Downloading Bumble application for free

For paid members

Watch the list of people who already swiped right

SuperSwipe feature

Extended connections

Expired connections can be matched again with “Rematch”

Bumble is a fun dating app available on iOs and Android platforms and available in free as well as paid versions. It undoubtedly empowers women to take things to the next level but some people might find it restrictive as it just allows women to take the charge. Amidst all the dating apps it can be given a chance if you’re not just looking for a date but aspiring to grow professionally by connecting to the right type of people.


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