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Happn – Review

Do you like a person who just passed through but didn't get a chance to talk? You just start to think in your mind that you should have talked to him/her. And what if unlike other dating apps you find one where you can have that cute alien person as your date? Happn surely fills in the purpose. The unique feature of Happn allows you to have a date with a person you just passed through. So, whether you've crossed the path with a person in a cafe, during your commute, restaurant, theatre, or other such places you can easily have a chance to hit the bull's eye.

Released in February 2014, Happn is a geographical based online dating app that connects the people who are in similar vicinity or who have passed each other recently. With a customer base of over 50 million across the globe, the smart dating app shows matches who have bump into each other in real life within 250-meter proximity. If you're fed up by just playing the old-school swiping game like tinder or bumble this app might help you get a twist on the virtue of modern dating. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows version this app has no desktop version this app has been designed to use it when you're out and about.

How Happn work?

It's an app that lets you date a person you just passed by. To use this and get to know the sweet stranger passed by, just create a profile that can have up to nine photos and a basic chunk of information about you such as name, age, gender, and so on. Being fed this information the next is to give your suitable preferences and interests. This also has an option to sync your Facebook account with Happn. You will automatically connect with the people you've met or passed by in your vicinity. After this, you have an option to filter these suggested matches and 'like' them if they interest you. And if you both liked each other you can easily get in touch with him/her.

Let's have a look at the steaming features of Happn –

Voice messages –

Well this is an interesting feature Happn provides to the users. Now you can easily communicate with your potential mate without waiting too much for sending and receiving text messages. You can simply hear out those sweet tinkling compliments through voice messages.

Hello –

This is the most basic feature for the daters in this app. For free users, there are 10 free hellos as soon as they sign up. After these 'hellos' lapses, users can get it by having a paid subscription

My Music Selection –

Wanna show your personality through your choice of music selection? Or want to share your feelings through a song and make your conversation exciting? Happn takes care of this need so now you can sync Happn to your Spotify account.

Flash Note –

And a brand new feature of Happn that lets you ask a personalized question about anything to the match you're interested in. It enables a more personal touch in connecting with others and it indicates to the match that you're interested in him/her.

Let Me Analyze

Crush Time –

Happn has come up with a very innovative way to grab the attention of the Users. It has embodied a game named 'CrushTime' that involves a gaming experience 'referring to roulette. In this, you are given four users you've recently been near to. Out of which one has already 'liked' you. All you need to do is guess which one it is. If you're right you'll be given a chance to directly chat with that user immediately. If you lose no one's gonna know and you can play for the rest of the profiles. The only 'must-have' condition for playing CrushTime is you need to have been liked by at least 10 other users before you can play.

Invisible Location –

The exact location of the users is not visible to the matches although the approximate location can be seen. This ensures to be a valid step for keeping the confidentiality of the users and yon can remain carefree from jerks to annoy you.

Facebook Privacy –

The concept of linking your Facebook account with Happn is to reduce the chances of encountering a spam account. So, this app helps you link with mutual friends along with it and nothing can be posted on your account without your permission.

Availability & cost –

The perk of using Happn includes its availability in various countries like the UK, US, India, Australia, and others and numerous languages like French, English, Dutch, Italian, and so on, breaking the language barriers. With limited features you can easily use it for as long as you like but if you need to upgrade to a paid version if you want to explore some premium features. The cost of subscription differs from region to region in monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription according to your needs.

Let's see some features we liked & disliked in Happn –

What we like –

Signing up is an easy step in Happn.

Its core features incur no charge for free users.

It is a location-based app so you'll find people nearby your area.

Only those matches that fulfill your criteria will be visible to you.

The matchmaking process continues until the app runs out.

Conversation can be started only when both have 'liked' each other.

Your Facebook account is linked to Happn and much-needed information is imported from there.

Additional and interesting features such as Spotify sync, live status updates, or crush time are available.

Users get a vast choice of filters according to preferences.

What we don't like –

The app gives users limited chatting options so users need to pay for unlimited chat options.

Daters from low-population areas might find it harder to get a date.

The desktop version is not available to users.

The app lacks the 'search' function.

User's profile information is limited.

Let Me Analyze
Let Me Analyze

Features available for free and paid members

For free members

Primary matching options

Chatting with potential mates

Users can post status on their profile

Send likes to your crush

Users can View profile photos of other users

For paid members

CrushTime feature is available

Establish your own privacy settings

Choose to become invisible for others.

Remove annoying ads while browsing.

Users can send up to 10 Hellos per day.

Now, if you ask us why Happn than we have some answers to it. If you're just bored of swiping on the profiles of strangers now and then and you like to hold on to a person you just saw, Happn might prove to be a favorable thing for you. Its user-friendly application helps you access a clean and simple dating app and can prove to be an ultimate delight for you. The functionality of the app can be seen by its feature that even if the app is closed, Happn will continue to track the locations you visit and will be prompt in finding your match.

If the safety and privacy feature is concerned, you can easily cease the app to track your location for a certain time by turning on "Invisibility Mode" that is enabled in the premium subscription. And this choice dwells with the users to schedule invisibility. You can also pause your account. Doing this your match will not be able to track you or see your messages. These are some features for which you might think to give you efforts upon Happn.

Concluding, Happn happens to be in the list of the best dating apps. It proves to be a fun dating app that lets you date people around you at your local proximity and user preferences to match users. The app is aimed to make people feel more closer connection than "not-so-known" concept. On the other hand, the app cannot prove to be useful for people who live in low-density areas and might prefer another dating app. So, whether you use it or not it depends on your wants and preferences.


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